My Kinda Crazies!

I strongly believe that your vibe attracts your tribe. It’s like we are vibrating at a particular frequency and those tuned to that frequency resonate with us!

Now to truly up your chances of leading a happy and long life you need this clan of esoteric individuals. For me friends are my la-familia.

These are the people who will make you believe that you are invincible (especially when you are drunk and going to do something stupid!). Take a bullet for you (eh.. are you like some sort of a spy that someone would want to shoot you??!!). They understand your need for drama and bond over the same corny movies, series or songs (right now we can’t seem to get enough of the super blah “The fabulous lives of Bollywood wives” on Netflix).

Now, I have always gravitated towards strong women – their unique stories having moulded them into who they are today. They love me fiercely and have the potential of being brutally honest with me one second and doting mother hens, the next.

Each has their unique personality, the sum of the whole making for the She Devil! There is:

  • the wild one (unfortunately completely domesticated now),
  • the funny one (who can make any intense moment, light!),
  • the wise-owl one (the guru-maa)
  • the sugar-sweet one (I’m sure she is the reason for my bad teeth),
  • the ambitious one (the backbencher who always topped the class – eye roll),
  • the single one (the rest of us live vicariously through her),
  • the OCD one (she cleans when she is stressed out),
  • the chal-daaru-peete-hai one (bless this dear soul who believes in the magic of alcohol)
  • the short one (with a tall attitude)
  • the in-laws one (need I say more)

Sound fun? Well, they are an absolute riot!

So what are some of the life lessons these wonder women have taught me:

  • They make time for you, no matter what: As life takes over, often we get busy in our routine. And with most of us, in different parts of the globe even finding a normal hour for a call can prove difficult. You should see my tribe right now. All of them in their own special way are there for me through my cancer treatment. I have only gratitude for this clique, who cheer me when I am down, do random check-ins, coffee dates and what not.   
  • No ego: we are emotional beings as women aren’t we, and often there can be so many misunderstandings. But one thing I have learnt from them is that there is no place for ego in friendship. When in doubt, just pick up the phone and resolve it. These relationships have stood the test of time, don’t make it so easy to break them.
  • It’s ok to be vulnerable in front of them: often vulnerability is seen as a weakness but honestly, it’s a sign of strength to be able to open up about your emotional state. We are often so guarded but your tribe has seen you at your weakest, when you were probably lying on the floor, bawling your eyes out. Don’t let that change.
  • Go the extra mile: these are the people who will do everything to see you succeed. They have your back and are invested in your happiness. One of my closest friend is now my counsellor & therapist. Another keeps sending me articles or series she is seeing which could help me, still another goes to my favourite places in Mumbai and sends me stuff so I don’t miss home.
  • They accept your family as a package deal: your tribe will be fiercely protective of you and the people who make you happy. Your kids will be like their kids. My friends dote on my son, to an extent where they have decided the roles they will play in his life – the slutty aunt, the fun aunt, the philosophical aunt. At the same time, my niblings (new term peeps!) are my angels! These relationships are extra special because your friends don’t have to like your people, but they do accept them as an integral part of your life because of you.

Your BFFs make your life colourful and are always on the sidelines, cheering for you. And while each of them is busy achieving their dreams and your chats might not be flooded with messages, yet the bond is unshakeable. Time for expressing some gratitude?

So here is me celebrating my pack, who have added all the necessary flavour to my life. Sending gratitude to the universe for each one of you! Love you to the moon and back my Crazies!