Getting myself (un)comfortable

Since I have been diagnosed I have wanted to remain in my shell till my recovery. I thought it was only me, but when I spoke to so many of my fellow sisters, they all mentioned the same thing. During their treatment, they pretty much preferred being alone. And it was a lonely journey.

Do I like this comfort zone, yes. Honestly, the fear of being open about the illness can be quite paralysing. But then something strange happened. One of my friend mentioned that she had donated her hair to a cancer cause Something she otherwise wouldn’t have thought of but because it had now hit closer to home.
It makes you wonder right, that if you can help anyone out there, its worth it.

And then, I have my counsellor friend (who tends to behave like the angel or devil on my shoulder) pushing me to put myself out there and embrace my vulnerabilities. To make a difference!

So i decided to put myself out there, and the universe responded by making me write an article for the Singapore Women’s Weekly. It did create quite a ripple effect. There were women who wrote to me, who had never had a breast examination, but were now considering to get it done. They had shared it with their friend circle as well. It just helped create so much awareness.

Was it easy for me to do so? Not really, but I guess I am quite the thrill seeker – you know the type who hates horror movies but just watches it for the kick? So here is me, slowly trying to get out of my comfort zone, one article/step at a time.

The title is a bit dramatic, so bear with me. 😊