Finding time for things that are important to you

Ever had a conversation where you were reminiscing a time you had taken up something you truly enjoyed and loved, but now don’t have the time for? How often do we look back and sigh and just wish we could do something about it… especially when we come across certain people who are making their passion a reality?

We all are guilty of this, not finding time for things that are important to us but not urgent (as per the Eisenhower time management matrix). We are so fixated on that 1 corner which keeps blinking “urgent urgent urgent” that we somehow let go of the things that truly can make us happy.

And yet nowadays, I’m witnessing an increased number of people who are searching for the time to indulge themselves. Trying to find ways of being happy. Guess the last 2yrs have been so difficult on all of us, that we have finally realised the importance of mental well being.

The thing about this area is that it is about YOU! Not your family, not your child, not your neighbours, YOU. It is about bringing you joy or contentment or satisfaction and more. And that’s why most of us don’t feel okay about devoting time for it, probably because our other priorities towards “Others” takes precedence.

Now why is it important to make time for such projects/areas?

It’s honestly more than just passing time. It is a way to destress and feel good. Very often, when you are doing something you love, you go into a state of “flow”. “Flow” is one of life’s enjoyable states, which helps you be creative, focused, and happy. Isn’t that one of life’s goal?

In my journey, I have realised the importance of creating space for these practices. Because I, for a fact, am sure to infect my unhappiness/happiness on my family.

During the early stages of my treatment, I would waste my time on social media and tv. During one of my therapy sessions, we discussed things that I could do instead of wasting my time on social media. And its then I started blogging. And I fell in love. Does it take too much time to put an article every week? Not really. Does it give me a sense of happiness… very much. Is this something I have done earlier in my life? Not really. But I have seen how important it is to me right now, how it helps me focus on the good. How it helps me get creative without feeling overwhelmed.

So how do we make time for such activities?

  1. What did or do you enjoy:

Not all of us know what we like to do e.g. I did not realise how much I would like blogging. Most of the time it’s trial and error. But unless you try you will never know. So go for it. Don’t deny yourself the chance of finding that one thing that makes you happy. Which is about YOU and no one else

2. Some discomfort will be there:

Initially when you want to begin, you will feel stressed for time. Figure ways of getting time out of something else.. eg lesser tv/social media time, or waking up a bit early. My close friend was trying for several years to start on her book writing. And somehow it never happened. Then one day, she decided she had to do this for herself. She owed it to herself to make it happen. So, she started waking up an hour early everyday to complete the book and is now a proud author.  

3. Keep at it:

Once you have found your passion project, don’t quit. Relook at your schedule and see how you can sustain it. You don’t have to force it, but just see where your priorities need a little rework.. am sure it’s not difficult.

Just leaving you with something – Emotional Vibration Chart

Our body is composed of energy-producing particles (cells/atoms), each of which is in constant motion. So, like everything in the universe, we are vibrating and creating energy. All emotions are energy (e.g. often when you feel sad, you feel low in energy as well) and energy has a vibrational frequency. Every cell in our body is affected by the emotional vibrational frequency.

Now, every emotion resonates at a particular vibrational frequency. The higher the vibrational frequency, the greater the Life Force in your cells and vice versa.

As you can see Peace and Joy are at high vibrational frequencies and thus add that much more Life Force in our body.