I read a beautiful quote recently:

I love this quote because it takes away our victim’s mindset. I am putting this out today, because it’s been a month to the start of the year and while a lot of us would have made some resolutions on how awesome we would be this year, am sure reality is taking over. We are slowly drifting back into our comfort zone.

I had decided on 3 things that I would do this year – fit, fam, fun. And fam & fun are pretty much on track. But I have been struggling with eating healthy and staying fit. Honestly, my chemo sessions did not allow me to do a lot beyond yoga stretches and pranayama. Then there is the right diet issue. Someone who has lived all of her 37yrs eating as she wanted, to find herself stuck with cruciferous vegetables, soups, salads, no bread, no dairy IS HARD! You get the drift, right?

So, this quote was kind of godsent. I’m sure all of you are in the same boat as me. Almost ready to give up. It’s tough I get it!

Now is the moment of reckoning. We have 2 choices (actually many but am sure 2 come closest to what you will want to figure between). If you have decided to lose weight – it’s definitely hard to do it, but not doing it and staying fat is also hard. Seeing yourself everyday in the mirror wishing for a slimmer, fitter you, is also hard.

And the funny thing is, even when you start on the path of your resolution, you will keep encountering choices you need to make. And those too will be hard. You will have to constantly stick to what you have decided and that too will be hard! But you know what, eventually it does get easier. So don’t lose hope.

Moral of the story – It was never going to be easy, that is the sole reason you had been procrastinating. But now, if both choices, of letting go and marching on, are HARD, you might as well CHOOSE one which will have a happy ending.