Because I’m worth it!

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. – Lucille Ball

Often heard the Loreal quote and thought “yeah right?”. How often do we go into our mind and think of all the random reasons why we might not be thaaaat worth it. And to top it we have the blasphemous social media, which makes us see how exotic and beautiful other lives are to our mundane and godforsaken ones. Aaargh.. definitely not worth it, till I lose those 5 pounds or get that promotion or make it to the sun kissed mountains of Switzerland.

Then there are those times that we were told to “toughen up” and “fight the world” and what we land up doing is being tough on ourselves. Always wanting to be better versions of ourselves. Sometimes for ourselves and sometimes for others. But never do we just sit tight, look in the mirror and say “I am awesome”! I remember once doing it and feeling embarrassed, as if someone had caught me telling a lie.

It has honestly taken me quite long to start loving myself, my body and my mind. So you know what, today is that day, when I have decided to list down, why you and I are so awesome and worth everything good in life!

We crash landed and yet salvaged ourselves:

  • You have faced everything that came your way and shined through. You might have wanted to cower down and cry. Well you did that too but you also fought your way to become what you are today
  • There were times, when someone or something got the better of you, but you simply shrugged it off and decided to walk on.
  • So many people have let you down, but that did not break your spirit. Instead, you pulled yourself together, put your makeup on and strutted like a queen.
  • Sometimes you had to shout a little louder to be heard at work; be called a b*%$^ but it was the only way to get things done.
  • Not all your partners who walked into your life deserved your love and they broke your heart. And yet you stood tall.

We are Gooey like Snickers

  • You are inherently a good person and want to help anyone or anything that needs you.
  • You are the loyal friend who is there for your close friends, always!
  • You are emotional and soft. Some might call you a coconut (tough exterior with a soft interior). You cry when you see a rom com, or something sad.

We are utterly butterly delicious:

  • You love adventure and also can be found quietly reading a book
  • You are passionate about things you love.
  • You are beautifully imperfect
  • You can be the spirit of the party and yet want to stand in the corner and watch the fun

We are a biography in the making:

  • You are a dichotomy. You can be wild.. yet gentle, crazy.. yet serene. You are beautiful inside and out
  • Your life can be made into a beautiful song or movie with all its twists and turns and winding roads
  • You learnt adulting. Became independent, managed your own money
  • You have a tribe of friends who could take a bullet for you.
  • You are complete drama, like a Bollywood heroine and you love every bit of that drama

You have to love yourself first to be able to give much love to someone else. An empty vessel can’t give as much as they would want to. That’s why they say charity begins at home. Learn to love yourself… I am definitely learning to.

Because we are worth it!