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About me

Hey! Welcome to my journal. Am thrilled to have you stop by my little corner.

We recently shifted countries – December 2019…yes, just about the time of the covid-19 crisis, and became parents shortly after. Whew, think that was enough, well no! I was diagnosed with breast cancer couple of months later.

Getting used to a new country, (s)mothering a playful and energetic infant and being diagnosed with cancer, keeps me pretty busy through the day. I find writing cathartic and truly enjoy the little time I get to blog. What do I write on? Well actually anything that comes to my mind. I’ve taken a break from work since we moved to Singapore. I am an HR professional and love writing about new practices, trends, insights in this field. It keeps me ticking and in touch with my profession. My cancer journey is like a roller coaster and so many life lessons to be learnt. I hope I can make a difference in some way to someone out there going through the same.  It’s just about knowing, that no matter what the situation – you are not alone.

Fun things about me:

I am a Gemini, fun loving, easy going and thrive with people around me. I have a close set of family and friends who are absolute rockstars! I love to travel, meet new people, eat exotic food and of course shop!

My husband (my knight, my personal comedian, my best friend) keeps himself busy with his passion projects. His latest is the 3D printer he has made from scratch (so proud!) and the fun toys he keeps making, using it, for our baby.

Anyways! Thanks so much for being here, I hope you will continue to follow my blog and I would love to hear your feedback or any comments you may have!